AD200 Semi-Auto Compression Machine


The DHR digital readout is microprocessor control instrument which is fitted as a standard to all the Unit Test Machines.
The load is displayed in kN / lbs /kgf, which can be enlarged 4 times larger in the LCD display for better clear view.
Available capacity: 1500, 2000, 3000kN.

-4 collumns Frame.
-Dual Range 2 Channel Compression and Flexural Mode 0-400kN x 0.1kN,
400-2000kN x 1kN for Compression Channel.
-Force unit suitable either kN, kgf or lbf
-Sample size selectable
-Cube, or Non Standard Cylinder, Non Standard Cube or Beam Block
-Date, time, sample ref., stress (N/mm2), test number, sample size, failure load (kN),
pace rate can be viewed on the display and also can download to computer or printer by using RS 232 cable on serial port
-Test result can best stored up to 200 before load to computer or printer
-In kN mode reading. 0.1kN increment up to 400kN and 1kN increment up to 1500, 2000, 3000kN
-Large screen LCD Display
-Pace rate selection from 0.1 to 5kN/S
-Calibration through pass code
-Maximum load hold and reset auto calculation
-in N/mm2 (Mpa);p.s.i or kg/cm2
-Accuracy: Better than +1% over the calibrated range

Brand: UNIT TEST, Malaysia.