ADS Fully Automatic Compression Machine


Fully Automatic console is providing control for the main compression frame.
All parameters such as Speed rate, sample size, dat, time etc. by using keypad.
The calibration and engineering data are protected by pass code and test result can be viewed and stored up to 300 numbers test with can be connected to printer or PC. by using RS232 cable.
The measuring system and hydraulic pump are control by microprocessor.
Auto rapid approach system is provided in the test and load control is based on Servo motor.
Capacity Available: 1500, 2000, 3000kN.
Compression Mode:
Low range 0-400kN x 0.1kN
High range 400-3000kN x 1kN

Compression Frame: Available 1500, 2000, 3000kN capacity.
For test Cube specimen and Cylinder specimen

-4 collumns Frame.
-5 stage fine time teset
-LCD large screen display.
-Calibration through keypad (password protected)
-Specimen test number with automatic increment
-Automated close contraol of the selected pacerate.
-Automatic closure daylight, zeroling and taring during pretest platen movement.
-Automatic and Manual selectable.
-Test result stored upto 300 tests
-Print out result
-Selection of Sample type and size.
-Metric (kN) or imperial (lbs) and (kgf) selection.
-Auto release when sample failure.
-Power 220V, 50Hz 1phase.

Brand: UNIT TEST, Malaysia.