HM-5150.3F Load Frame, CBR Automatic


Standards: ASTM D1883
CBR/LBR Specific Automatic Load Frame
ASTM D1883; AASHTO T193; BS 1377 Part 4
The HM-5150 Load Frames have been specifically designed to handle CBR and LBR applications. Their heavy-duty design and precise stepper-motor control provide a stable platform for years of reliable service. From educational institutions and consulting firms to high-volume commercial labs and construction projects, the Load Frames can perform these applications with ease.

Standalone Control
The waterproof, touch screens featured on these load frames provide a colorful, at-a-glance monitoring of testing functions without the use of a computer. Operators can see all the data in several formats at the machine during the testing procedure. Test data can then be transferred  to a computer for use with Humboldt‘s NEXT Software for report generation.

The HM-5150 is sold as a Load Frame ONLY, refer to the accessories tab above for items needed to perform CBR tests.


Load Capacity: 11000 lbf (50kN)
Speed Range: 0.05 in/min (1.27mm/min) and 1.00 mm/min
Data Channels: 2
Platen Size / Travel: 8″ (203mm) / 4″ (100mm)
Data Storage: 1000 tests and up to 3000 readings per test
Clearance, Vertical: 27″ (686mm)
Clearance, Horizontal: 11″ (286mm)
Voltage: 110/220V 50/60Hz – 5.0amps
Net Weight: 120 lbs (54kg)

Controller Specifications

Display (Resistive Touch), Realtime 7″ (178mm) VGA (480 x 800)
Processor ,Ram, mem Dual 32-bit ARM, 64mb, 4gb
Data Acquistion 2 Channels
Logging Speed up to 50 readings per second
Multi-Test Storage 1000
USB port Front and back
Limit Switch 2

Typical CBR/LBR Setup for HM-5150.3F, accessories.

HM-2300.100 1 Load Cell, S-Type, 10,000lbf (50kN)
HM-2305.10 1 Linear Potentiometer Transducer, 1.0 inch (25mm)
H-4178 1 Penetration Piston
HM-2305BRT 1 Strain Transducer Bracket for HM-2305.10 Transducer
HM-5001SW 1 CBR and LBR Module for Humboldt NEXT Software