Pundit Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity PL200


Ultrasonic testing provides information on the strength and uniformity of concrete, rock, composites, ceramics, wood, epoxy, refractory materials
and can be used to detect and localize voids, honeycombs, delaminations, pipes, cracks and defects.
The ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) technology extends ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) applications to objects where access is restricted to a single side.
Proceq Pundit offers the most versatile range of ultrasonic testing instruments that are ergonomic and portable.

Description The Pundit 200 is a best-in-class UPV test instrument with an extended range of measurement modes.
Rugged touchscreen with intuitive user interface for best possible measuring and analysis of the measured data. 
Pulse Voltage UPV 100 to 450 Vpp
Bandwidth Bandwidth 20 to 500 kHz
Measuring Resolution 0.1 us
Receiver Gain 1 to 10’000x (0 to 80 dB)
Nominal Transducer Frequency 24 – 500 kHz