Surf | Concrete Surface Resistivity


Giatec RCON™ is a non-destructive concrete testing device for measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete specimens in the laboratory without any additional sample preparation requirements. This measurement can easily be made on the same concrete samples that are currently used for the compressive strength testing of concrete.

RCON™ is fast (measurement time is less than 5 seconds), accurate (utilizing variable frequency method) and flexible (the measurement can be taken with different settings for verification). RCON™ also allows for continuous measurement of electrical resistivity over time, which can be used to monitor several other parameters such as cracking, moisture transfer and time of setting in concrete specimens.

Reading Range Frequency spectrum Phase measurement Impedance accuracy Phase accuracy
1 ~100 Ω 1Hz ~ 30KHz 0 ~ 180° ± 2% ± 2digit 5 % ± 3digit
1 ~10 KΩ
10 ~ 100 KΩ
100 KΩ ~1 MΩ 1Hz ~ 10KHz